Five Generations of Apiculture
Certified BQual Australia Pollinators
Owned and operated by 5th generation beekeeper, Lindsay Callaway
BQual Accredited Nuclei’s Production and Sales
B-Qual Certified Combed Honey Production
BRC & B-Qual Accredited Honey Production
Purpose Built Honey Factory in Maldon, Victoria.
100% Pure & Natural Australian Beeswax

Welcome to Warral Honey

Five Generations of Apiculture

Warral Apiaries Pty Ltd, is a 5th generation business that delivers apiary products from nature, via the beehive to you. We integrate beekeeping, honey processing and packaging, pure beeswax production, beeswax candles and pollination services.

Warral Apiaries Pty Ltd is HACCP certified through BQual Australia Pty Ltd and has an A rating with global food standard BRCS. We are very proud of our quality pure 100% Australian Warral Honey products.

In addition to our Warral Honey products, we provide pollination services, pure beeswax production, honeycomb production and nuclei production.

For further information, please browse our website, and feel free to contact us direct to discuss products and services further.