The History of Warral Honey

Our family has proudly been producing quality honey products for 5 generations and over 125 years.

It all started over 125 years ago, when Edward Teague Penglase, sent for a book on beekeeping called “ABC XYZ in Bee Culture” from America.  It cost 30/-.

Edward had a permanent apiary at Fernbank in Gippsland.

His son, Edward Teague Penglase Jnr, continued on the business with a great deal of success, migrating hives to distant flows using rail as one mode of transport.


Howard Callaway

ET Penglase Jnr’s daughter, Edna Penglase, married Howard Callaway, who together continued the beekeeping tradition.

Howard worked some distant honey flows, trucking hives to Spotted Gum on the South Coast, River Red Gum on the Murray River, Ironbark and Grey Box around Bendigo, and a fantastic flow that lasted months at Elmhurst.

Howard and Edna were based at Bairnsdale, and raised three children, Roger, Norm and Anne.

Howard at Bemm River, Gippsland

Howard at Bemm River, Gippsland

Roger at Bemm River, Gippsland

Roger at Bemm River, Gippsland

Roger Callaway

Roger had a love of bees from a young age and built up his own hives in the 60’s.

He bought Howard’s hives in 1967.

When Roger first took ownership of his father’s hives, he took strong clover bees’ to Red Stringybark in North East Victoria, and enjoyed a great honey flow that kick started a successful 40 year career in beekeeping.

Roger was one of the early beekeeper’s in Australia to utilise forklifts, was a founding executive member of the Bendigo Branch of the VAA Inc and took an entrepreneurial approach to marketing his honey.

In the late 1960’s, Roger Callaway and his wife Edna (nee Ballard), moved the business to Myers Flat, Victoria, where they raised their two children, Narelle and Lindsay.

Roger saw this as a central location to a good variety of beekeeping country.


Lindsay Callaway

In 1992, their son, Lindsay Callaway, joined the beekeeping business.

Lindsay became a business partner when Edna, retired in 1997.

In 2007, Roger retired and the business is now owned and operated by Lindsay.

Lindsay is building upon many of the mechanical improvements that Roger installed such as utilising a fully insulated, air conditioned curtainsider on the truck to shift bees. Lindsay has been utilising his curtain-sider truck body since 2004, the first of its kind in Australia.

Lindsay is very focussed on the beehives being the key hub on which the business is based around.

Lindsay moved the business in October 2013, to his new purpose built facility, located in the historical township of Maldon, Victoria.

The factory has everything a honey producing and packaging business needs.

Lindsay at Apimondia field day, 1978

Lindsay at Apimondia field day, 1978

Teague & Joy Callaway - budding beekeepers'

Teague & Joy Callaway - budding beekeepers'

Joy and Teague Callaway

Possibly the 6th generation of beekeepers!

Joy is currently at university studying French and History.

Teague Callaway, is named after “great great” and “great great great” Grandpas.  He helps out during the school holidays and currently owns one hive.