Honey Products

Whether its bulk honey to be used as an ingredient in manufacturing food products, honey for cooking at a restaurant or cafe, or honey ready for the table, we have the size, and more importantly the honey for you.
Premium Honey

Warral Honey is a premium grade honey.  All year round, top shelf honey such as Yellow Box, Red Gum, Grey Box and Ironbark are produced.  These honeys are the cornerstones of decades of premium honey production.


400g Squeeze

400g premium honey in a handy squeeze bottle. 12 squeeze bottles per carton.

500g Jar

500g premium honey in a clear PET jar with a gold tamper evident lid. 12 jars per carton.

1kg Pail

1kg premium honey in a clear plastic pail with a gold tamper evident lid. 12 buckets per carton.


3kg Pail

3kg premium honey in a clear 3kg plastic pail with gold tamper evident lid. 4 buckets per carton.

14kg Pail

14kg premium honey in a white plastic pail with a gold lid.

Manufacturing Honey

We provide a full bodied, strong flavoured honey ideal for manufacturing food products.  Honey is renowned as a healthy ingredient in health food bars, and adds life and texture to breads.


14kg Pail

14kg manufacturing grade honey in a white pail with a gold tamper evident lid.

1500kg IBC

1500kg manufacturing honey in a Schutz IBC.

Pure Lines

Warral Apiaries Pty Ltd can provide customers with pure, straight lines of honey, such as Yellow Box, Yellow Gum, Red Gum, Iron Bark, Red Stringy Bark, Grey Box, Manuka and many more.